Rio Beauty 60 Second Electric Nail File

Quickly shape any type of nail

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    What you need to know

    • Electric drill file for gel, acrylic or real nails
    • Reversible controls let you use either hand
    • 11 interchangeable drill heads
    • 66 sanding bands included
    • Speeds up to 20,000rpm
    • Quiet and USB-powered for portability

    2 year warranty Official Rio Retailer

    Our Expert View

    The Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File gives you the shape you want in seconds. Quickly create coffin, square, rounded, oval and more nail styles with the fast-filing power. Left-handed? No problem, the Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File has reversible controls. Just adjust the speed wheel to get rotations up to 20,000 per minute.

    Then, pop the 11 interchangeable drill heads on and off to file different parts of the nail from the side walls to the free edge. Across all the heads, get every tool you need for the perfect manicure or pedicure on gel nails, natural nails or acrylic nails from sanding to buffing.

    And with 66 sanding bands included, you'll get years of use out of this electric nail file. Just plug this beauty tool into the nearest USB outlet for easy, portable and quiet electric filing anywhere.

    What's Included

    • Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File
    • USB Power cord
    • 11 Filing heads
    • 66 Sanding bands


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    why it works

    The Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File is powerful and durable. Made from aluminium with a fast bidirectional motor, it's great for left and right-handed nail techs and home enthusiasts. Simply attach one of the 11 filings, buffing or perfecting heads and set the speed wheel between zero and 20,000 RPM.

    You'll be surprised how easy and quiet the Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File is to use. The kit comes with 66 sanding heads and drill tips including the bullet head, filing cone head, needle head, mandrel head, spearhead, barrel sanding head, buffing head, edge sanding head and more.

    Create any nail shape on any kind of nail surface from natural to acrylic with the USB-powered Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File. And do it faster and more evenly since the motor spins each head much quicker than you could ever file them manually.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Clean the nail bed.

    Step 2: Attach the right drill tip.

    Step 3: Set the wheel to the desired speed.

    Step 4: File to the desired shape.

    Step 5: Clean and store.

    make it personal

    The Rio 60 Second Electric Nail File is easy to personalise. From the 11 different drill heads to the left or right-handed operation, it's adaptable to any home or professional nail tech.

    Use it to quickly and easily create any nail shape you can dream up from coffin to squoval. Just choose the right speed for the area you're working on to file in less than 60 seconds.

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    Additional Information

    Key Features:

    Compact and lightweight design

    Suitable for natural, acrylic and gel nails

    USB powered

    Reversible controls for left or right-handed use

    Adjustable speed wheel from 0 to 20,000 rotations per minute

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