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Bodycare • 19 June 2020

In stubborn areas like the waist, stomach, buttocks and arms, it's particularly hard to tackle fat and cellulite. The key to toning and firming these areas is to stimulate the skin’s cells and boost circulation. Thankfully, we have a whole host of body sculpting devices that can help you to do this, harnessing the latest cutting-edge technologies to effectively tone and firm your figure. Read on as we divulge some of our favourite fat-busting, home-use devices.


SIXPAD Absfit 2

Accelerate your workouts with SIXPAD Absfit 2, designed to effectively tone stubborn abdominal muscles. The device harnesses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, to stimulate your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles. Your fast-twitch muscles require lots of heavy, consistent training and are normally much harder to work, but with this device your muscles are effectively stimulated - meaning much less work for you and a tighter, more toned body.

SIXPAD have worked closely with Cristianon Ronaldo to develop the device, ensuring maximum efficacy through its integrated 23-minute training programme. By using Ronaldo’s recommended training plan, the device includes a warm up and cool down phase, which Ronaldo says are essential for accelerating your results. The device automatically adjusts the intensity throughout the training programme to ensure consistent and effective results.

The brand also have a range of other devices for delivering targeted treatments to the areas of the body which need it most. Their extensive range consists of the SIXPAD Leg Belt, SIXPAD Arm Belt and SIXPAD Bodyfit 2, so you can tailor your training to your specific needs.

NuBODY Skin Toning Challenge Kit

This handheld ergonomic device uses the same cutting-edge microcurrent technology as the successful ‘5- minute facial lift’ NuFACE devices. Microcurrent works by mimicking the body’s natural electric current, stimulating the muscles and improving your cellular strength. This helps to gently tighten sagging skin, leaving skin feeling smoother, firmer and more toned.

The clinical study showed that 92% of women saw an improvement in their skin tone and 72% said they saw an improvement in the appearance of uneven skin textures.

You’ll need to use the device for 5 minutes per treatment area for the best results. You should start by completing treatments 5 times a week for the first 60 days, then you’ll only need to complete top up treatments 2-3 times a week.

Sensica Sensifirm Cellulite Reduction & Body Contouring Device

An effective body-firming device that tackles areas which are prone to stubborn fat and cellulite, such as the thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach and arms. It’s a non-invasive solution to firming hard-to-tone areas, using revolutionary LIPOTHERM RF technology to firm and tighten the skin. This state-of-art technology has previously only been available to medical professionals, until now.

The technology works by combining Radio Frequency technology with gentle vibrations and manual massage to create an unrivalled cellulite busting technology. The additional help of the vibration and massage technology help to stimulate the skin, activating more collagen production and reudcing the number of fat cells.

Treatments for smaller areas of the body like the arms and waist take around 10-15 minutes. For larger areas like the thighs and bum, treatments can take roughly 20 minutes. You’ll need to follow the recommended treatment plan which is once a week for 8 weeks. After this period you’ll then only need to complete top up treatments when your skin needs an extra cellulite busting treatment.


TriPollar Device

This device harnesses Radio Frequency technology, focusing 4 low power beams deep into the dermal and fat layers for a targeted treatment. Clinically proven to work from the inside out, each treatment works by shrinking stubborn fat deposits below the skin’s surface and kick-starts dermal collagen production to firm and contour the body.

We recommend treating each body area for around 12-15 minutes each time. For best results, you’ll need to repeat the treatments for 8-12 weeks, giving the body enough time to renew its level of collagen production.


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