CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3
  • CurrentBody Skin LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No.3

LED 4-in-1 Special Kit No3

World leading beauty device set for skin perfection

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  1. CurrentBody Skin 4-in-1 LED Face Mask

  2. Eye inserts & Storage Bags

  3. ZIIP HALO Facial Toning Device

  4. ZIIP Electric Complex Gel (50ml)

  5. USB-C Charging Cable

  6. User Manual

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      FREE CurrentBody Skin Hydrogel Lip Mask 10 Pack (Worth $540)

      What you need to know:

      • 4-in-1 LED Mask, 109% more powerful than other multi-treatment LED masks
      • 4 LED light therapy facial treatments in 1 mask, using 5 different wavelengths
      • ZIIP HALO, 100% of participants experienced an improvement in skin elasticity after 6 weeks
      • Only microcurrent device to feature ZIIP Nanocurrent™ for long term anti-ageing
      • Clinically proven to increase skin clarity, luminosity and brightness
      • Target multiple skincare concerns; lifting, toning, plumping, smoothing and tightening
      • Use both devices 3 to 5 times a week to achieve best results



      Research conducted by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch (November 2023)

      NO: HZCPCHE23000148_EN

      DATE: NOV. 01, 2023

      31 subjects, men and women aged between 35 and 55 were assessed for the rate of improvement in terms of skin elasticity, skin firmness, skin gloss, skin evenness, degree of pigmentation and degree of wrinkles when they used the device over 42 days.

      Using serval assessments, including clinical assessment and a questionnaire, tested parameters such as skin elasticity, firmness and glossiness.

      Test Period:

      Before application (D0), Immediately after application (D0Timm), 7 days after application (D7), 21 days after application (D21), 42 days after application (D42)

      Test Parameters:

      1. Image taken with VISIA CR. Analyze the skin evenness, and skin tone by IPP.
      2. Image taken with Primos CR and analysed skin wrinkles.
      3. The skin gloss is determined by the Glossymeter® GL200.
      4. Measurement of skin elasticity and skin firmness with Cutometer® dual MPA580.
      5. Expert assessment.
      6. Self-assessed.

      The test results showed that the ZIIP HALO had firming, anti-wrinkle, spot-removing and whitening efficacy.

      Achieve all your beauty goals

      This set combines the most innovative technologies to address 18 different skin concerns with ease. The world-first LED Zone Facial Mapping provides a universal treatment in 10 minutes, while the ZIIP HALO uses unique Dual Waveform Technology to give both instant sculpting and lasting clarity.

      LED Facial Mapping

      Zone Facial Mapping, exclusive to the ‘Complete’ treatment on your device controller, strategically delivers specific wavelengths to targeted zones across the face; effectively treating a range of skin concerns in one treatment.

      RED (633nm) DEEP RED (660nm) NEAR-INFRARED (830nm)

      Targets the forehead, jowls and around the mouth. Red LED light therapy is ideal for plumping the skin, while pressing fine lines and wrinkles.

      GREEN (532nm) NEAR-INFRARED (830nm)

      Concentrated around the eye area to fade hyperpigmentation, dark circles and eye bags.

      YELLOW (590nm) NEAR-INFRARED (830nm)

      Focuses on the most spot-prone areas of the face to help reduce facial redness on the cheeks, nose and chin.

      LED Facial Mapping


      The HALO EFFECT is what you can expect to see after 6 weeks of consistently using your ZIIP HALO 3 to 5 times per week.

      Microcurrent are the electrical waves that you feel, delivering instant results that can be seen up to 72 hours:

    • More facial definition
    • Blurred fine lines
    • Lifted appearance

    • ZIIP Nanocurrent™ is why the results are so long-lasting. You can’t feel these tiny waveforms, but here’s what you can achieve:

    • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
    • Balanced, smooth skin
    • Glowing complexion
    • More toned and contoured
      Your Questions Answered

      Your Questions Answered

      Our in-house Beauty Expert answers your most common Questions.

      Step 1: Conduct a sensitivity test 24 hours before your first treatment.

      Step 2: Cleanse your skin, pat dry and secure the LED mask strap around your head.

      Step 3: Select your treatment mode on the controller and press start.

      Step 4: Once the device turns off after 10 minutes, remove and safely store.

      Step 5: Apply 4 to 8 pumps of the Electric Complex Gel to your face and neck.

      Step 6: Turn on the ZIIP HALO. Either start with the preset THE LIFT treatment, or connect to the app for a personalised treatment.

      Step 7: Once complete, wash off any remaining gel and continue with your skincare routine.

      Expert Advice: Use 3 to 5 times per week for a minimum of 6 weeks for best results.

      Watch the video on how to get started

      We recommend using the LED mask 3 to 5 times a week maximum, ideally with some break days. For best results, we recommend using your ZIIP HALO 3 to 5 times per week, with a maximum of 6 times per week when following a short term treatment plan.

      ZIIP Conductive Gels serve as a medium for the waveforms to effectively pass through the skin. The ZIIP Electric Complex Gel is a purely conductive formula that comes with every ZIIP HALO purchase.

      Take your results even further with ZIIP’s range of skincare-infused Conductive Gels. Golden is ideal for an intensive anti-ageing treatment, Silver works as an instant hydration-boost, while Crystal is a vegan formulation designed for increased radiance and repair. All 3 premium gels can be used as an intensive 20-minute mask, with or without your ZIIP HALO.

      Apply 4 to 8 pumps on clean, dry skin for the full effect.

      The ZIIP App allows you to enjoy professional treatments in the comfort of your home. Developed in-house using feedback from over 10M electrical facial treatments, together with co-founder Melanie Simon’s 20 years of professional expertise.

      Now, you can download the App for unlimited access to the ultimate selection of facials and treatments you would get in a salon, powered by ZIIP’s Dual Waveform Technology™.

      Simply choose from 7 comprehensive, one-click full facials that treat the entire face anywhere between 4 to 12 minutes—each one with a different focus or desired outcome.

      Alternatively, you can select any of the 6 targeted treatments. These are the quick, 2 to 3-minute ones that focus on one area of the face or one specific action.

      For special occasions, we recommend opting into one of 3 long-term treatment plans created by Melanie Simon.

      Download the ZIIP App on Android or IOS.

      There are multiple wavelengths emitted per LED bulb; some have 5 chipsets, and some are 4, equating to 360 LED bulbs in total.

      Red Irridance: 50.4mW/cm²

      Green Irridance: 33.6mW/cm²

      Yellow Irridance: 28.3mW/cm²

      We recommend to not use retinol on the same day you use your ZIIP HALO device.

      Yes! ZIIP wherever you are, with THE LIFT – the powerful 4-minute facial that comes pre-programmed in every ZIIP HALO. It requires no app connection, meaning you can free-form lift from the moment it touches your skin. Or connect to the ZIIP App for fully guided video tutorials, showing additional treatments with varying frequencies and intensities, depending on your skin goals.

      After every use, wipe down your LED mask and ZIIP HALO with a soft lint-free cloth to remove excess gel or debris. Ensure the device is clean and dry before safely storing at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, water, damp and debris.

      4-in-1 LED Mask:

      Test yourself for light sensitivity prior to using, we recommend that you do this on your inner arm or thigh:

      Step 1: Power on your device.

      Step 2: Place the device on your arm and conduct a full 10 minute treatment, ensuring your skin is clean and dry before use.

      Step 3: After 10 minutes, visually check the area. If the area has turned red and this lasts for more than 2 hours, your skin has a sensitivity to light. Return the device to CurrentBody within 14 days for a full refund.

      ZIIP HALO:

      Prior to use, make sure your skin is dry, clean and free from skincare products such as moisturisers, serums or makeup. Make sure you remove all jewellery from the treatment area and from your hands. If you have used an oil cleanser, please ensure there is none left on the skin. Oil will stop the ZIIP HALO from working. Those with facial hair should shave before use. Hair can interfere with the conductivity of the globes and the device will not work.

      Apply a thumbnail size amount of Electric Complex Gel to the treatment area and spread it evenly to the size of the palm of your hand.

      Switch on your ZIIP HALO and move in small circular motions over the gel for 3 minutes.

      Stop the test immediately if you do not feel comfortable or if you see adverse effects.

      Wait 48 hours and examine the tested area. If the skin in the tested area appears normal you can start a full treatment.

      ZIIP HALO:

      Certification: UKCA registered

      Frequency: 50 Hz

      Power Levels: 900nA to 400µ

      External Power Supply: Input 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz

      Power Output 9VDC, 1.5A

      Dimensions: 29mm x 50mm x 99mm

      Weight: 67.5g

      Default Programme Time: 4 minutes

      ZIIP HALO should NOT be used by people who are under the age of 18 years, are pregnant, are subject to seizures, including suspected or diagnosed epilepsy, have cancer/tumours, have a cardiac pacemaker with implanted defibrillators/ stimulators or have electronic implanted devices.

      The device should NOT be used on or near cancerous lesions, or applied over swollen, infected or inflamed skin e.g., phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, broken capillaries, varicose veins etc.

      DO NOT apply stimulation across your chest as the introduction of electrical current into the chest may cause rhythm disturbances to your heart, which could be lethal.

      DO NOT use this device on patients who have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device, because this may cause electric shock.

      It is NOT recommended to use this device if you have epilepsy. Please speak with your doctor for further advice.

      DO NOT use this device on areas of skin that are raised, bleeding, painful to touch, broken or excessively red.

      AVOID using the device on areas where there is facial hair. The hair acts as a blocker to ZIIP's electrical currents.

      AVOID using the device on areas of skin that has been pierced/ has a piercing.

      Need some help?

      Need some help?

      Our friendly experts are here to help you to find your perfect beauty device.