Stay motivated on your beauty journey and see how far you’ve come with impactful ‘before & after’ photos. Because, let’s face it – the results speak for themselves.

Track your 3-month progress of consistent treatments to see your transformation side by side. Create the most powerful ‘before & after’ photos with these 5 expert tips:

1. Stay consistent with your lighting, location, camera angles and clothing for both the ‘before’ and ‘after.’

2. Natural, shadow-free lighting provides a clear view of your results.

3. Keep your expression neutral and your body language relaxed.

4. Plain backgrounds (such as a white wall) and neutral-coloured clothing help eliminate any distractions.

5. Take your photos head-on, facing the camera for an accurate comparison.

6. Share your progress with us by emailing us your 3-month ‘before & after’ photos, with your name, number, to to have a chance to be featured on our website. 

Upload your photos below and if they meet the above requirements, we'll send you a FREE CurrentBody Skin Green Tea Serum worth $486.