How LED can improve scarring

by Issy Luke

• 06 July 2022

We get scars after our body has healed a significant wound. They’re usually made of fibrous tissue that’s thicker and harder than the rest of the surrounding skin. And they can be unsightly. But recent advancements show that LED light helps scarring. Break down, shrink and minimise the look of scars by engaging your skin healing factors. We’ll explain how it works in this 5-minute read.

How to engage skin healing

Red and infra-red light is the best way to stimulate skin healing. Infra-red stimulates the ‘wound healing cells' in the skin. This causes fresh skin to form, and the red light can help to even out your skin tone.

They both boost circulation which helps get nutrients to the skin around the scar, improving the look and condition of the area. And, since you can do these treatments at home now, they are more affordable than earlier clinical low-level laser light therapy - pioneering healing skincare for the elderly and burn victims.

Red light therapy at home

Since the red light therapy cost is now minimal, many people with visible scars are turning to this technology to improve the look of their skin. Some of the best red light therapy devices for scars are:

Dermalux Flex MD - Best red light therapy for big scars

This is a medical-grade red light device. Since you simply sit under the treatment arch, it’s easy to use on large areas of the body where you want to improve the look of scars.

It’s medically certified and works on acne, redness, pigmentation, scarring, ageing skin, sports injuries and joint pain. Simply lay the device over your treatment area and relax as the 30-minute treatment soothes your skin concerns.

CurrentBody Skin LED Precision - Best red light device for small scars

This smart device offers professional-level red and near-infrared LED light therapy in a handheld device. Diminish scars, fine lines and wrinkles with a handheld device that lets you target your treatments to where you need them.

Soften and smooth small scars in 3-minute treatments only 3-5 times a week. And at under $1100, an affordable, long term treatment for your scar tissue.

Shop more LED devices for your scars and skin concerns here > CurrentBody Skin Expert LED Devices. 


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